Key and Remote Repair

Key and Remote Repair

Course Details

Offering a service to repair and refurbish vehicle remotes can add an additional service and valuable income to your current business. Car remotes are very expensive and often fail for simple reasons such as broken casing, worn rubbers, failed switches or just a flat battery.

The Key and Remote Repair Service package offers everything required to start a comprehensive repair and refurbish service.

Course Content

  • Electrical testing training, voltage reading and continuity testing
  • Remote disassemble and rebuilding methods
  • Battery testing and replacement
  • Battery Desoldering & Soldering skills
  • Circuit board testing and switch replacement
  • Remote synchronising methods and manual programming

Who Should Attend

This course is ideal for key cutting shops, garages and locksmiths that want to offer a repair service for vehicle keys and remotes. Whether you currently offer vehicle key cloning, key programming or neither, offering repairs to car keys and remotes can be lucrative to your business and an ideal addition to your current service.


NCFE accredited level 2

Course Information

Duration : 1/2 Day (9am - 12.30pm)
Course Code : IIQ3705
NQF Level : 2
Price : £175.00 + VAT

Book Together with the Key Cloning Silca RW4+ & ID48 Course

As this course meets the needs of the key cutting shops, cobblers shops, ironmongers and other shops that often get the opportunity to offer key & remote service, this course runs on the same day as the Key Cloning Silca RW4+ & ID48 course, and if booked together will be discounted by £25.00.

Available Dates

No Dates Currently Available. Please call us on 01823 328604 for more information.

Key and Remote Repair Kit

Buy a complete repair solution, including the above training, at an extra special price. The Key and Remote Repair Kit includes a comprehensive tool kit to carry out the stripping, test and repair of the majority of remotes.

Included in the kit is a starter pack of batteries, remote shells, buttons, switches and key blades to cover a huge range of vehicle remotes.

Repair Parts Included

  • Range of remote batteries > 200 batteries - 20 different types
  • Selection of remote shells > 1 of each of 28 different cases
  • Selection of remote rubber buttons > 4 of each of 11 different rubbers
  • Selection of remote switches > 5 of each of 11 different switches
  • KB360E blade kit > 2 of each of 36 assorted blades
  • KB361E horsehoe key kit > 2 of each of 12 assorted blades

Tooling Included

  • Continuity / Voltage tester
  • IR and radio frequency remote tester
  • Remote key vice
  • 15W soldering iron
  • Soldering workstation and magnifier
  • Soldering mat
  • Solder, braid and flux off accessories
  • Jewellery screwdriver set
  • Tweezers
Part Number : KRRK
Price : £795.00 + VAT
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